Newsletter Friday 29 September 2017

Dates for the diary

09/10/2017 - Parents Evening 3.30pm - 5.30pm

11/10/2017 - Parents Evening 5pm - 7pm

13/10/2017 - Last Day of Term


All year 6 children are welcome to come into school from 8:30am if they wish to complete their homework in school.

Harvest Festival Assembly

The school will be collecting food for the Dover Food Bank from Monday 9 October until Friday 13 October.

Pupil Panel

We are pleased to announce that the children’s have chosen the charity that they would like to contribute towards at the end of each term.

Term 1 - UNICEF

Term 2 - Children with Cancer UK

Term 3 - Children in Need

Term 4 - Whizz Kidz

Term 5 - Great Ormond Street Hospital

Term 6 - Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Restart a Heart - Year 6 Pupils

Our school has been successful in its application to take part in the “Restart a Heart” campaign and on Tuesday 10 October 2017 our Year 6 pupils will receive instruction from the Fire Service on how to perform CPR using practical instructions on manikins.  Please ensure that Year 6 pupils have their PE kits in school to wear for the training.  The training will take place in the morning and will last for up to one hour.  If you have any queries about the training or the campaign please contact Louise Birch – or visit the school office between Tuesday and Thursday.

Swimming in school for pupils in Key Stage 2

Pupils in Years 3 and above will be swimming on either a Wednesday or a Thursday. 

The old £1 coin

On the 15 October all the old £1 coins are being withdrawn.  Please be aware that we will not be able to accept any old £1 coins after this date.

Pupil Voice

Today the pupils in Class 7 have been making 'Pupusas' which is a traditional Salvadoran dish. It is a thick corn tortilla stuffed with a savoury filling. We asked the children what they thought of their lesson today and this is what they said...

Izzy - It was really fun, the mixture looked really disgusting and it was funny because Beth kept sticking her finger in it and licking it. It was fun because my whole table mixed some cheese and we weren’t supposed to.

Brandon - I thought it was actually fun because in Year 6 you get to explore how to cook and get to feel the texture of the food. I liked sharing and taking turns with my table, you didn’t fight over whose turn it was, we took it carefully. I like the taste of the cheese when we get to taste some of it. I can’t wait to eat it.

Mia - We put some flour and water into a bowl and mixed it together, it became all mushy and sticky. We kneaded it into a bowl and we all took an egg shaped piece. My favourite part was when we got to put the cheese in and eat the left over cheese.

Ella - We put some flour and water and mixed it together then you had to keep on adding flour in until you could hold it and play with it, then we had to break a piece off each and then we had to make it into a bowl shape. We had to put all of our cheese in and then grab the tops and squeeze it together, then we had to flatten it down so all the cheese was in the middle and then make it into a circle. All of the lesson was my favourite. It was part of our work on ratio and proportion. 

Celebration Assembly

Imogen for persevering with her maths learning this week. Also for improving you’re joined up handwriting.

Aaric for his participation in class this week, particularly in maths. You have contributed really well and worked very hard.

Sydney for always being ready to participate in all of her learning.

Leylian for always being an enthusiastic learner and participating well in class.

Alejandro for expert summarising and clarification skills during guided reading.

Lewis for participating resiliently in his learning this week, especially when using resources to help his learning in maths.

Leah for participating resiliently in all of our learning this week and her superb listening skills.

Nirubiga for active participation in reading.

David for taking learning beyond the classroom. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about the wider world and your photograph of a traditional Salvadorian food.

Junior for persevering to improve your handwriting. It is making a great difference.

Lauren for showing fantastic resilience and perseverance to accurately punctuate sentences. Well done!

Ryan for participating in group discussion and group work, taking others ideas into consideration.

Billy for persevering when he was completing tricky questions and tasks.

Special Offer for Term 1

After school sports clubs

After school clubs are running.  If you would like to your child to attend, please contact the school office.  As a special offer these clubs will be free for a term on a first come first serve basis. 

Monday - Multi-Sports for Years 1 - 6

Tuesday - Take Action for Years 2 - 6

Wednesday - Football for Years 2 - 6

Thursday - Gymnastics for Years 2 - 6

Friday - Street Dance for Years 2 - 6  

All sports clubs finish at 4.15pm and all children must be collected by an adult.

There are still places available in the improving strokes group (swimming after school club) on both Wednesday and Thursday.


The whole-school target for our attendance is 96%, which would mean that your child would be away for only 7 days in an academic year.  Every day at school matters.

1st place - Violet - 98.8%

2nd place - Blanc - 98.6%

3rd place - Vert & Rouge - 96.8%

4th place - Noir & Marron - 96.3%

5th place - Jaune - 95.5%

Whole-school attendance - 97.1%

School Angel fund raising

A big thank you if you have used the school's web page

To purchase goods and even summer holidays please use the link as it will not cost you any more money!  

Home Start

We have a mother and baby/toddler group which runs every Wednesday here at school from 09.00 - 11.15am.  All welcome.

Free School Meals

If you have access to the internet and would like to apply online for Free School Meals, please use the following website:

Image Consents

If we have not yet received your consent forms for Sharing Images of Children, could you please return them as soon as possible.  We would like to start sharing some of the pupil’s activities on FaceBook.

PE Kits

Could parents please make sure that all pupils have their PE kits ready and in school.  Each pupil has their own locker where their PE kits can be kept during the school term.

Late arrival at school

When your child arrives late at school, he/she misses the teacher's instructions, their morning task and possibly the introduction to the mathematics lesson. Your child may also feel embarrassed at having to enter the classroom late. School begins at 09.00am.  Please help your child to be punctual.

School Lunch Payments

If you pay for your child's school dinner online you can use the link below and follow the link for Kent Schools Pay Online.  

School opening hours

08.50am - 3.15pm

School Office opening hours 





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