Pupil Voice

New story telling area in Le Volleyball

Pupils in Le Volleyball have voted to name their new story telling area - The Super Story Tent.

Pupils were asked what they thought of their new Super Story Tent and this is what they said,

Olly said that it was a very relaxing place to go, it keeps you calm and relaxed when reading.

Scarlett said that it looked amazing inside.

Billy said that it was a super place where you could read relaxing books.

Joshua said that it was a little place where you can go where it is quiet.

Hayden said that it is very peaceful in the Super Story Tent.

Aaliyah said it is very relaxing and peaceful.

The whole class think it is a FUN PLACE TO READ!

Celebration Assembly

Summer for your enthusiasm and perseverance; you managed to create an interesting sequence using balance as a sequence.

Casey for your enthusiasm and perseverance; you managed to create an interesting sequence using balance as a sequence.

Brandon for your determination during gymnastics!

Luke for always working so hard to improve his work.  You are also great at sharing your learning with others.

Lewis for working really hard to improve the depth and detail in his writing.  You are also now looking more closely for punctuation.

Lauren for your dedicated attitude and application in all areas of the curriculum.  Very well done and keep it up!

Hayden for thinking deeply when trying to solve our "What am I?" shape game.  Well done!

Vinnie for working with purpose when exploring 2D and 3D shapes.  Well done!


The whole-school target for our attendance is 96%, which would mean that your child would be away for only 7 days in an academic year.

1st place - La Plongee and Le Tennis - 99.1%

2nd place - La Danse - 97.6%

3rd place - Le Volleyball - 97.4%

4th place - Le Rugby - 96.2%

5th place - Le Ski de descente - 95.6%

6th Place - Le Hockey - 94.0%

Whole-school attendance - 97.1%

A Reminder!

Now that the weather has changed please make sure that all pupils have suitable warm clothing with them i.e. Coat/jacket, scarf, hat, gloves etc.

Home Start

We have a mother and baby/toddler group which runs every Wednesday here at school from 09.00 - 11.15am.  All welcome.

Free School Meals

If you have access to the internet and would like to apply online for Free School Meals, please use the following website: http://www.kent.gov.uk/education-and-children/schools/free-school-meals.

Image Consents

If we have not yet received your consent forms for Sharing Images of Children, could you please return them as soon as possible.  We would like to start sharing some of the pupil’s activities on FaceBook.

After school sports clubs

After school sports clubs are running and there are still spaces available.

Monday - Multi-Sports for Years 1 - 6

Tuesday - Take Action for Years 2 - 6

Wednesday - Football for Years 2 - 6

Thursday - Street Dance for Years 2 - 6

Friday - Gymnastics for Years 2 - 6

All clubs cost £1 per club per pupil. This means that it will cost £5 for each club per pupil for the term. All sports clubs finish at 4.15pm and all children must be collected by an adult. 

PE Kits

Could parents please make sure that all pupils have their PE kits ready and in school.  Each pupil has their own locker where their PE kits can be kept during the school term.

Late arrival at school

When your child arrives late at school, he/she misses the teacher's instructions, their morning task and possibly the introduction to the lesson. Your child may also feel embarrassed at having to enter the classroom late. School begins at 09.00am.  Please help your child to be punctual.

School Lunch Payments

If you pay for your child's school dinner online you can use the link below and follow the link for Kent Schools Pay Online. www.principals-catering.com  

School opening hours

08.50am - 3.15pm

School Office opening hours 





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