Pupil Voice

Aycliffe Community Primary School were lucky enough to experience the Astrodome on Tuesday.  Pupils were asked if they had enjoyed the experience and this is what they said…….

Harry said, “I liked it when the man was showing us the world.”

Alivia said, “I really liked looking at the Cosmo and all the stars.”

Emily said, “It was awesome.  The sky was so pretty and I liked the shooting stars.”

Codie said, “I felt like it was a lot of fun even though we have done it before.  It was very hot.”

Amy said, “It was really hot and actually quite fun.  There was a projector all around the dome showing us the stars and planets.”

Celebration Assembly

William for joining in with our Friday dance lessons with such enthusiasm. Well done.

Harry for joining in with our Friday dance lessons with such enthusiasm. Well done.

Riley for settling into his new class well and being an enthusiastic learner.

Scarlett for applying your knowledge of subtraction when exploring division.

Alivia for a brilliant attitude towards your learning and perseverance in all areas of the curriculum.

Ella for resiliently persevering to produce an informative and impressive recount based on our Astrodome Experience.

Isabelle for reasoning impressively when answering challenge questions in Mathematics.

Jaydn for learning with purpose and reflection when collaboratively improving and editing our Mathematics SATS papers.

Nirubiga for persevering and working with renewed vigour to complete learning at a greater pace.

Lauren for great participation in our English lessons this week.

Guilia for working with purpose in every aspect of our learning and being a supportive and kind member of our class.

Taylor for always having a positive approach to his learning and for always working with purpose.

Scarlett her participation in class this week, during fractions work. You have demonstrated a good understanding and shared this with others.

Zachary for an excellent recap in his story telling of the Gingerbread Man.

Dates for your diary

31 January 2019 - Open Morning 9am - 9.30am

04 February 2019 - Parents Evening 3.30pm - 5.30pm

06 February 2019 - Parents Evening 5pm - 7pm

15 February 2019 - Last Day of Term

Play and Stay

Mrs Manton will be running a play and stay group every Wednesday morning from 9am until 10.30am.  Refreshments will be sold for a small contribution.

After school sports clubs

After school clubs will be running from Monday 07 January 2019.  If you would like to your child to attend, please contact the school office.  

Monday - Multi-Sports for Years 1 - 6

Tuesday - Take Action for Years 2 - 6

Wednesday -  Gymnastics for Years 2 - 6

Thursday - Football for Years 2 - 6

Friday - Street Dance for Years 2 - 6  

All sports clubs finish at 4.15pm and all children must be collected by an adult.


School Lockers

Due to limited space in the children’s lockers, we would like to encourage your child, should they wish to use a back pack, to bring in a small pack so that they fit more easily into the lockers and doors can be closed properly.  Ideally children just need a small P.E bag and their book bag in school.

School Uniform

Please ensure that you label your child’s full uniform, including PE and swimming kits.

Just a polite reminder: please do not leave litter on the school premises.

School Angel fund raising http://www.schoolangel.org.uk/aycliffe-community-primary-school.html Thank you to everyone that has supported the school by using School Angel, we have managed to raise £235 this year.

Free School Meals

If you have access to the internet and would like to apply online for Free School Meals, please use the following website: http://www.kent.gov.uk/education-and-children/schools/free-school-meals.

PE Kits

Could parents please make sure that all pupils have their PE kits ready and in school.  Each pupil has their own locker where their PE kits can be kept during the school term.

Late arrival at school

When your child arrives late at school, he/she misses the teacher's instructions, their morning task and possibly the introduction to the mathematics lesson. Your child may also feel embarrassed at having to enter the classroom late. School begins at 09.00am.  Please help your child to be punctual.

School Lunch Payments

If you pay for your child's school dinner online you can use the link below and follow the link for Kent Schools Pay Online. www.principals-catering.com  

School opening hours

08.50am - 3.15pm

School Office opening hours 





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