Dates for diary
Monday 20 May-Thursday 23 May Structured Conversations
Friday 24 May 2019 - Last day of Term
Pupils may wear their own clothes to school Monday 3 June 2019 - 1st day back Term 6
Celebration Assembly
Guilia for persevering in Mathematics when converting mm, cm and m.
Isaac for working and thinking scientifically when carrying out an investigation.
Emily for working with patience and purpose during our art lessons this week. Your Picasso picture was lovely.
Chloe for working with patience and purpose during our art lessons this week. Your Clarice Cliff mosaic was lovely.
Emelia for fantastic participation in English and persevering across the curriculum. Well done.
Cayla for persevering across the curriculum and producing a fantastic print in Art. Well done.
Jessica for always being an amazing role model to everybody in the class.
Harry for learning with greater independence this week.
Year 6 for your perseverance and hard work this week.
Archie for persevering to write a letter to Ayla the fairy.
Grace for sharing her ideas when creating fairy furniture.
Guess the name of the Bear – 50p a go
Miss Sedgwick, our Reception Class teaching assistant, will be in the school playground most  mornings selling 50p squares for one  lucky person to win a lovely huge teddy bear!  The bear has been kindly donated to the school by the Sedgwick family, to raise money for golden time arts and crafts for all of our pupils. 
Play and stay
Mrs Manton will be running a play and stay group every Wednesday morning from 9am until 10.30am.  Refreshments will be sold for a small contribution.
Pupil Voice
The year 6 pupils have had a well-earned BBQ this afternoon to celebrate completing their SATs.  They were asked how they found their SATs and if they and enjoyed their BBQ and this is what they said…..
Jaydn said, “The SATs week was fun, I found it quite easy.  The reading paper was the hardest paper. The BBQ today was lovely.  It was nice to finally be able to let our hair down and have some fun.  Mr Spurgeon’s cooking was good, he didn’t kill us by poisoning us.”
Layla said, “I found the SATs week really hard and it wasn’t much fun.  I found the SPAG test the easiest and I found the first reasoning paper the hardest.  I’m glad they are finished.  The BBQ was surprisingly good.  No one got food poisoning.  The hot dog was really good.”
School Lockers
Due to limited space in the children’s lockers, we would like to encourage your child, should they wish to use a back pack, to bring in a small pack so that they fit more easily into the lockers and doors can be closed properly.  Ideally children just need a small P.E bag and their book bag in school. 
After school sports clubs
After school clubs will be running from Tuesday 23 April 2019.  If you would like to your child to attend, please contact the school office.  
Monday - Multi-Sports for Years 1 - 6
Tuesday - Take Action for Years 2 - 6
Wednesday -  Gymnastics for Years 2 - 6
Thursday - Football for Years 2 - 6
Friday - Street Dance for Years 2 - 6  
All sports clubs finish at 4.15pm and all children must be collected by an adult.
All sports clubs finish at 4.15pm and all children must be collected by an adult. 
Just a polite reminder: please do not leave litter on the school premises. 
 School Angel fund raising
Free School Meals
If you have access to the internet and would like to apply online for Free School Meals, please use the following website: 
PE Kits
Could parents please make sure that all pupils have their PE kits ready and in school.  Each pupil has their own locker where their PE kits can be kept during the school term.
Late arrival at school
When your child arrives late at school, he/she misses the teacher's instructions, their morning task and possibly the introduction to the mathematics lesson.
Your child may also feel embarrassed at having to enter the classroom late.
School begins at 09.00am.  Please help your child to be punctual.
School Lunch Payments
If you pay for your child's school dinner online you can use the link below and follow the link for Kent Schools Pay Online.
School opening hours 
08.50am - 3.15pm
School Office opening hours  


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