Dear Parents,

It has been great to welcome back some of our children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. Although our school environment looks, and is quite different at the moment, the children in school have settled in to the new ‘normal’ extremely well. They are safe, relaxed, happy and learning.


Please do take some time to browse our Facebook page to see the latest photographs of children in school.

Pupil Voice

Here are some of the comment’s children have made about their return to school.

Alejandro said, “It was good to get back to school and back to normal. I was getting bored at home and it is nice to be back and doing lots of activities. I have enjoyed improving my Speed Stacks technique, I halved my time in just one day. I also enjoyed learning how to draw objects, shapes and portraits. It was fun to play tennis with Hayden.”

Grace said, “I loved making forts in the woodland. We made a cooking area.”

Poppy said, “I liked the woodland because we had a fort building competition.”

Losha said, “I loved Yoga.”

Abigail said, “I have loved seeing my friends. I have enjoyed playing with my own set of play-dough, we have to squish and mould it to the song. We have to pretend we have an imaginary friend next to us, mine is Elsa.”

Anya said, “I really enjoy having my own things. I have got my own colouring pencils. I have enjoyed being with my friends.”

Chelsea said, “I want to learn at school.”

Oscar said, “I enjoyed playing Lego.”

Celebration Assembly

The children’s impressive engagement in all opportunities in school will be recognised in a celebration assembly each Friday through the use of ‘Microsoft Teams’, an application which allows us to communicate remotely between each bubble.

Please look out for Friday’s Newsletter.

Home Learning

The format for home learning is changing from this week. So that we can give more variety for the remaining weeks of the summer term, there will be more emphasis on project work. There will still be, of course, English and Maths tasks for the children to complete.

Please keep sending examples of your child’s work to us so that we can celebrate it on our Facebook page. We have all been extremely impressed with the quality and standard of work that we have received during this period of lockdown.

Please do continue to keep in touch with your child’s class teacher regularly so that you are supported with home learning.

Friday Afternoons – School Closure

Just to remind you that each Friday the school will close after the children have eaten their lunch. This is to support the cleaning of the school and to enable teachers to have planning, preparation and assessment time. Here is a reminder of the following finishing times:

Reception – 12.30pm

Year 1 – 12.40pm

Year 6 – 12.50pm

A care provision will still be available on Friday afternoons for key worker children in all year groups.

We welcome more of your children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 in to school and look forward to our numbers in these year groups increasing.

Please do remember that Parents should wait at the pedestrian gate and socially distance whilst dropping off and collecting children. If you require an appointment to meet with a member of staff, please call the school office for this to be arranged.

Thank you for your continued support and stay safe.

Yours sincerely

Jacky Cox

Head of School



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