Dates for your diary
Monday 3 February 2020 – Parents Evening 3.30pm – 5pm
Wednesday 5 February 2020 – Parents Evening 5pm – 6.45pm
Thursday 13 February 2020 – Normandie Class Assembly
Friday 14 February 2020 – Last Day of Term
Monday 24 February 2020 – First Day of Term 4
Governing Body
We have a vacancy on our governing board for a Parent Governor. Grandparents are also able to express an interest in this role. If would like further information please contact the school office.
School Book Fair
The School will be holding its annual book fair in the school hall from 24 March 2020 till 26 March 2020.  The school will be open from 08.30am -9am each morning for you to come and take a look at the vast collection of books on sale.
Emmaus is a charity based in Dover that provides long term accommodation, for as long as someone needs it, and meaningful work opportunities for men and women that have previously experienced homelessness and social isolation. 
Emmaus need winter coats, hats, gloves, scarfs and blankets of any ages and genders to provide people that are less fortunate or who have fallen on hard times.
If you have any of the items listed above that you would like to donate to the charity, please bring the item/s into the school office.
Thank you for your continued support.
Celebration Assembly
Spencer for demonstrating excellent mental maths skills.
Layla for persevering when solving problems involving money.
Isaac for persevering with his times Tables and working hard to develop a rapid recall.
Taylor for excellent participation in gym.
Charlie for settling into class quickly and participating in our learning well.
Sophia for great participation and being a brilliant helper in our P.E. Lesson!
William for being resourceful when writing a brilliant recount in science!
Lacey for her commitment to improving her writing. Keep going Lacey!
Thommy for his commitment to improving his writing.  Keep going Thommy!
Pupil Voice
Jemima was asked if she enjoyed learning about her project and what she had learnt.  This is what she said….
Jemima said, “Our project this term is Magnets and Forces.  I found out that there is a south and a north on a magnet.  The blue end is the north and the red end is the south.  If you try to put a red end and a red end together or a blue end and a blue end together they repel which means they push away from each other.
Our experiment was to find out which materials magnets would pick up.  There were different materials hidden in sand and I had to use a magnet to pick the materials up.  Miss Sandham thought that the magnet would pick all the materials up but Miss McMurray thought that the magnet would only pick the metal up.  Miss McMurray was correct.
I have learnt that a force is when a parachute opens in the sky, it slows the fall down because the air is a resistance.  Another force is when you drive your car along a flat road it will travel more quickly than a car that is travelling along a bumpy road.
I really enjoy our projects.”
‘I am valued’
As a result of Pupil Panels ideas, this year we will be awarding one child from each class an ‘I am valued’ trophy to place on their desk for one week.  Other members of the class are asked to write something positive about the child selected.  Over the course of the year every child will receive the trophy.
Children receiving the trophy this week are:
We have had a report of a child having head lice in school.  Please can you check your child's hair and treat if required.
Lunchtime Clubs
Monday - Lego Club with Mrs Kent
Tuesday - Homework Club with Miss Sandham
Friday - Choir Club with Mrs Coade
Everyday - IPad Club with Mrs Manton
Wellington Boots
Please can you ensure that all children have a pair of wellington boots in school with them.  This year every class will attend the Woodland Area for a weekly planned lesson and it can be muddy depending on the weather.
Arts and Crafts
Miss Sedgwick runs an Art and Crafts club that children can attend every Friday during Golden Time.  In order to make the club a great success Miss Sedgwick needs a constant supply of craft items such as:
Paper plates
Lace trimmings
Artificial flowers
Donations of the above would be appreciated.
Play and Stay
Mrs Manton will be running a play and stay group every Wednesday morning from 9am until 10.30am.  Refreshments will be sold for a small contribution. 
School Lockers
Due to limited space in the children’s lockers, we would like to encourage your child, should they wish to use a back pack, to bring in a small pack so that they fit more easily into the lockers and doors can be closed properly.  Ideally children just need a small P.E bag and their book bag in school.
School Uniform
Please ensure that you label your child’s full uniform, including PE and swimming kits.
Just a polite reminder: please do not leave litter on the school premises.
Free School Meals
If you have access to the internet and would like to apply online for Free School Meals, please use the following website:
PE Kits
Could parents please make sure that all pupils have their PE kits ready and in school.  Each pupil has their own locker where their PE kits can be kept during the school term.
Late arrival at school
When your child arrives late at school, he/she misses the teacher's instructions, their morning task and possibly the introduction to the mathematics lesson. Your child may also feel embarrassed at having to enter the classroom late. School begins at 09.00am.  Please help your child to be punctual.
School Lunch Payments
If you pay for your child's school dinner online you can use the link below and follow the link for Kent Schools Pay Online. 
School opening hours
08.50am - 3.15pm
School Office opening hours


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