Welcome to Term 4 in Alsace Class!

Our theme this term is ‘Space Explorers” and we will be linking most of our learning to this topic and using the book “Aliens love underpants.” Within this topic, we will be learning about planets, stars, rockets and the fictional idea of aliens.

Physical Development

PE will now take place on Monday mornings and our focus will be throwing and catching. We will be looking at throwing large sized balls like basketballs and could possibly move onto accuracy with smaller balls like tennis balls as the children progress. We will be taking our PE lessons both inside and outside this term, depending on the weather, so please could you ensure that suitable black shorts/tracksuit bottoms, school colour t-shirt, plimsoles/trainers and possibly a sports jacket are provided in PE bags. Please ensure that children’s earrings are removed for this day.

We continue to have physical activity in our classroom also, including our funky fingers area and our climbing frame. We also have a variety of fine motor activities throughout our choosing time.

We have good routines to encourage good hygiene and health care, including good toilet habits and hand washing, and our healthy snack time.

How you can help: Please encourage your children to ensure their clothing is the correct way around, not inside out and to practise tying shoe laces where appropriate.

Personal, Social and Emotional

This term we will be looking at right and wrong and what this means in different contexts. We will be looking at a variety of scenarios where children need to make choices and which of these would be the best choice to make. We will be discussing

We have daily circle time activities where the children can discuss their feelings and what has made them feel this way.

How you can help: Encourage your children to explain how their choices may impact other people.

Communication and Language

We will be developing the children’s ability to explain their thinking when they are learning. They will be discussing what they are doing, how this links to their learning and what they could do to improve their learning.

How you can help: Please help your children to use some of our new language at home

Space, planet, moon, satellite, star, sun, rocket, solar system, galaxy, Earth, country, town


This term we will be working on reading numerals, counting objects, and sequencing for numbers 11-20. We will then be looking at finding one more and one less than a given number using counting, number lines and memories. We will also be looking at calculating in the context of taking away.

How you can help: Practise reading, writing and counting numbers 11-20. The children should be able to count this many objects, touching the objects as they count, as well as rote counting.

Expressive Art and Design

To promote imaginative play, we have a home corner in our classroom. This engages the children in playing in a role and mimicking real life situations.

We will be making different pictures and models involving space and rockets.

How you can help: Encourage your child to design, draw and make things using their imaginations.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

We will be looking at the planets and other things in space. The children will be encouraged to use their space knowledge when using our small world area.

Children will be encouraged to engage with technology through the use of our class computers and the use of the class CD player.

How you can help: Talk to your children about space. Look at the sky on a clear night and discuss what the children can see with them.

This term we will be exploring the story Aliens love underpants. We will be linking this with our Space Explorer theme and looking at the planets, including Earth. We will be writing parts of the story and also writing letters in response to letters we receive from the aliens.

During our daily phonics sessions, we will be learning the sounds that letters make and learning to identify the first sound in words.  In our writing area, children can practise writing for different purposes and the children have opportunities to write throughout the classroom.

How you can help: Please provide your child with lots of opportunities to practise their writing. They can practise their names, letter formation, and simple words that they have learnt. Also, please practise your child’s new home reading book with them.

• Please ensure you have spare change of clothes in your child’s bag just in case an accident happens.
• The children will have access to the outside area during their Child Initiated time all year round, please ensure your child has a waterproof coat, wellies and jumper at school as we come into the rainy, cold months.
• We have Golden Time every Friday afternoon for 30 minutes as a reward for good behaviour.  The children will be going to different classes to engage in exciting activities.
• Please could reading books be returned to school to ensure your child can share this with a member of staff when needed.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you over the year.  Should you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to come and see me after school and I will be happy to help.



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