This document sets out the school’s procedure for addressing complaints. It should be used only when informal attempts to resolve problems have been unsuccessful. If you have any concerns about the school or the education provided, you are encouraged to discuss the matter first with your child’s class teacher at the earliest opportunity. The school considers any concerns very seriously and most problems can be resolved at this stage.

Please note that this procedure does not apply to issues concerning the curriculum, collective worship, admissions, exclusion appeals, decisions about your child’s special educational needs or grievances by or against staff. These are the subject of separate procedures.

All other complaints are handled by the school according to the arrangements set out below.

Aims and Objectives

The school will give careful consideration to all complaints and deal with them fairly and honestly. We will provide sufficient opportunity for any complaint to be fully discussed, and aim to resolve it through open dialogue and mutual understanding.

Our Procedure Aims to:

• be easily accessible and publicised;
• be simple to use and understand;
• be impartial;
• be non-adversarial;
• allow swift handling with established time-limits for action and keeping people informed of the progress;
• ensure a full and fair investigation by an independent person where necessary;
• respect people’s desire for confidentiality, wherever possible (some information sharing may be necessary to carry out a thorough investigation);
• address all points of issue, providing an effective response and appropriate redress, where necessary;
• provide information to the school’s Senior Management Team so that services can be improved.

Formal Complaints Procedure

Stage 1

If you feel that a concern has not been addressed through informal discussion with the Class Teacher, and you wish to have the matter formally investigated, this process begins with the completion of a complaints form, which is available through the school office. If you would like help completing the form, the school will be happy to provide the assistance of someone unconnected with the complaint. The completed form should be returned to

  • The Headteacher if the concern/complaint is under the Headteacher’s responsibility or
  • The Chair of Governors if the concern/complaint is under the Governing Body’s responsibility.

The complaint form should be returned to the school office, marked Confidential, for the attention of either the Headteacher or Chair of Governors, as appropriate. The Headteacher/Chair of Governors will acknowledge receipt of the complaint form, in writing, within three working days after receiving it, and will enclose a copy of the school’s Complaints Procedure with the acknowledgement.

If the matter is about:

• the day-to-day running of the school
• the interpretation of school policies
• the actions or inactions of staff at the school

These are concerns/complaints under the Headteacher’s responsibility and will be investigated by the Headteacher.

If the matter is about:

• school policies as determined by the Governing Body
• the actions or inactions of the Governing Body
• the Headteacher

These are concerns/complaints under the Governing Body’s responsibility and will be investigated by the Chair of Governors. It may be necessary to appoint an independent investigator in certain circumstances.

Stage 2

If the concern/complaint has been investigated by the Headteacher, Stage 2 of the formal procedure will begin with the complaint form being passed to the Chairman or nominated Complaints’ Governor to review whether the complaint has been properly dealt with. If the concern/complaint has been investigated by the Chair, the complaint form passes to the Governing Body.

If the complaint is a staff disciplinary or capability issue, then the matter will be dealt with by following the appropriate procedure rather than the Complaints Procedure. You will be notified if this is the case with your complaint, but we will not be able to tell you which procedure or the final outcome.

Monitoring and Review

The Governing Body monitors the Complaints Procedure, in order to ensure that all complaints are handled properly. The Headteacher logs all formal complaints received by the school and records how they were resolved. Governors examine this log on an annual basis and consider the need for any changes to the procedure.

A copy of this procedure is available to all parents on request.



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