Aycliffe Community Primary School’s vision is to Make a Difference to Learning. The core purpose of our school is learning. We ensure learning behaviour is maximised so pupils are able to grow personally and academically.

To fulfil our vision our school promotes the values of caring, tolerance, passion, reflection and innovation. We believe that these values are fundamental to the success of pupils and the school. Additionally these values resonate with British values shared across the wider community.

Through the promotion of our core values the school develops pupils that are compassionate, considerate, empathetic, supporting, open-minded, patient, accepting, understanding, driven, purposeful, eager, successful, active, thoughtful, resilient, motivated, distinctive, confident, imaginative and creative.

This is because the school aims to:

  • Develop a passion for learning within the pupils
  • Ensure all pupils have effective literacy and numeracy skills
  • Develop pupils' interests in the arts and sport
  • Ensure that strong relationships are built between the pupils and within the school community
  • Ensure our pupils are able to contribute positively to modern life in Britain.