At Aycliffe Community Primary School we are always looking at ways to promote good attendance.

63 pupils achieved 100% attendance last term, which is fantastic news! Well done to those children and their families. However, this does mean that 64 were absent during Term 3 for at least one day!

To ensure that we keep focussed on raising the attendance, the Local Authority School Liaison Officer is working with us on “Project 96”. The aim of this Project is to ensure that every child is achieving at least 96% attendance. Anyone whose attendance is below 96% may be involved.

You may be invited to come and talk with myself, the Local Authority School Liaison Officer and Attendance Officer to discuss how we can work together and raise the attendance of your child to at least 96% meaning they would be absent for no more than 7 days across the school year.

We understand sometimes there are good reasons for a child to be absent from school and of course this will be considered.

Very shortly, you may receive a letter inviting you to the initial meeting if you are to be part of Project 96 and start the positive process of supporting your child in achieving higher attendance. They too may then be one of the pupils who achieve 100% in the future.

Working together will help ensure that all the children’s attendance will improve.

Thank you for your continued support.