Remembrance Service

You are welcome to join us for a 2 minute silence and then the laying of wreaths on Friday 10 November at 11am in the school hall.  If you would like to join us please ensure that you are here by 10.50am.  We will be joined by the Revd Sean Sheffield.

Open Morning

We are having an open morning on Monday, 13 November from 9am until 9.30am and would like you to join your children in their classrooms to find out more about how we teach reading in school.  As this is a teacher- led lesson, all children will need to remain in their classrooms.  Therefore, for those of you who have more than one child at the school, we suggest that you split your time between classes.

Poppy Appeal

Just like every year, we are supporting the Poppy Appeal by selling various types of merchandise (these can be viewed on our Facebook page).  These will be on sale from tomorrow.