Le Ski de Descente (Class 6) Trip to Dover Castle

On Monday, 17 July Le Ski de Descente (Class 6) have the opportunity to visit Dover Castle and specifically the Underground Hospital.

The day links in with our theme, ‘Dover, after 1900’.  Children in year 6 are studying the effects of World War 2 on the people of Dover.

The day will begin at 09.30am at Dover Castle and will finish at 3.00pm.

We will not be travelling by coach, so we are asking you to drop your child off at the coach car park opposite the Castle, where we will be waiting to take the register.

Please drop your child off between 09.15am and 09.30am which will enable siblings to be taken to school first.  We shall return to the coach car park at 3pm where we would like you to collect your children.

All children will require a packed lunch for this trip, however, if your child is entitled to a free school meal, a packed lunch will be provided. If it is going to be a hot day an extra small bottle of water will be needed.

Children are to wear school uniform including usual school shoes, a sun hat and a light rain Mac depending on the weather.

We recommend the children have a small backpack to carry their things in, leaving their hands free.

There is no charge for this school trip.

Please could you confirm through the school office that you are able to arrange for your child to be at Dover Castle between 09.15am and 09.30am and that you are able to collect your child from Dover Castle at 3.00pm from the coach car park opposite. Please let us know by Monday, 10 July.

Thank you for your continued support.