On Monday, 12 March 2018 the children in La Classe Vert will be having their Science Day at Samphire Hoe.  This experience is linked to the children’s learning and is an exciting opportunity for the children to explore other surroundings.  They will be discovering fossils and a learning about dinosaurs.  
The school trip will take place within the school hours.
All children will require a packed lunch for this trip.  Please could you let the office know if you require the school to provide a packed lunch for the day, please let us know by tomorrow.
Children are to wear school uniform including school shoes or trainers and will need to bring a warm, waterproof coat.  Due to the cold weather we have experienced, we would advise that children have hats, scarves and gloves with them for the day.
We recommend the children have a small backpack to carry their things in, leaving their hands free to explore and have fun.
Children will not need to bring any spending money with them as there is not a shop at the site.
Thank you for your continued support.