Key Stage One (Le Rugby, La Dance and Le Volleyball) Trip to Dover Castle

On Thursday, 13 July Le Rugby, La Dance and Le Volleyball have the opportunity to visit Dover Castle.

The day links in with our theme, ‘Who lives in a castle?’ 

The school trip will take place in the school day. 

All children will require a packed lunch for this trip, please could you let the office know if you require the school to provide a packed lunch for the day. If it is going to be a hot day an extra small bottle of water will be needed.

Children are to wear school uniform including school shoes or trainers, a sun hat and a light rain Mac depending on the weather.

We recommend the children have a small backpack to carry their things in, leaving their hands free.

Should you wish to send your child with spending money, no more than £3 may be brought and should be in a named envelope or purse/wallet.  The money will remain the responsibility of your child throughout the trip.

Before the visit may take place, however, we would need a voluntary contribution of £5.00 per child, to cover the cost of transport.  If insufficient funds are raised, then the visit may have to be cancelled.

Thank you for your continued support.