On Thursday, 22nd November 2018 the children in Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and Chateau de Versailles will spend the day at Dover Museum.  This experience is linked to the children’s learning in theme (Pre-historic Britain). They will take part in a workshop and create a clay Bronze Age boat, handle artefacts and have a tour of the Bronze Age Boat Gallery.

The school trip will take place within the school hours.   All children will require a packed lunch for this trip.  Please could you let the office know if you require the school to provide a packed lunch for the day.

Should you wish to send your child with spending money, no more than £5 may be brought and should be in a named envelope or purse/wallet.  The money will remain the responsibility of your child throughout the trip.

Children are to wear school uniform including school shoes or trainers and will need to bring a warm coat for the short trip there.

We recommend the children have a small backpack to carry their things in, leaving their hands free.

Thank you for your continued support.