As a way of providing your child with the best opportunity to find out about Life in Ancient Greece, we have arranged for ‘History Off the Page’ to spend the day with us on Thursday, 01 March 2018. 

On this day your child will, through role-play, experience life as it would have been in the year 490 BC, at the time of the Battle of Marathon.  They will use authentic tools and materials whenever possible to learn skills as apprentices in a wide variety of workshops.

As the day progresses, the children will be involved in the issues of the time, with the chance to participate in a range of cross-curricular activities.  By the end of the day, they will have a really good understanding of how it felt like to be a Greek citizen at this pivotal date in history, which led to the rise of the Athens as a major power in the ancient world.

There will also be a story-telling session.

We would also like the children to come in to school on the day dressed in a simple costume to make them feel as if they are living in Ancient Greece.  Mrs Coade has information that she will be giving out on how to make simple costumes.