Here is a brief outline of what your child will be learning about in term 6.



In Mathematics, we will begin by looking at halves and quarters.  We will be finding out how to halve and quarter both shapes and numbers and relating this to division.  We will then move onto learning about position and direction, where your child will be learning about the language we use to say where things are in relation to one another and the language used to directions, including turns.  We will be working on some number work involving place value of numbers to 100 and finishing the term by recapping some of our learning across the year, including shape and time.


In English, we will begin to learn about fantasy stories.  We are starting with a story called “The Tin Forest”.  We will be learning this story and then using it to create our own version. We are having a grammar focus of using the suffix –ed to show past tense verbs and also using 2 adjectives in a list when describing. We will continue to have two daily phonics sessions, where your child will be revising sounds they have previously learnt and learning brand new sounds to help with further reading and spelling.  We will continue to learn different spelling rules within these phonics sessions. Your child will read in a group every day with an adult and our aim is to listen to your child read their home reading book once a week.  Our group sessions involve reading new texts and then practising these over three days and answering different types of questions about the book. 


In Science, we will be learning about “Humans and other animals”.  The children will be observing animals in the school environment, looking at parts of different animals and investigating similarities and differences between groups of animals.


Our theme is called “What was it like in World War II?” and we will be learning what happened during the war, particularly around Dover.  This will involve learning about how the war started, how children were affected, how people stayed safe and rationing.


La Classe Rouge will have PE on Thursday afternoons this term we will be focusing on athletics in preparation for sports day. It is essential that full PE kit is kept in school at all times as we are also likely to be taking part in the ‘Golden Mile’, where the children (and some teachers) will jog/run for 5 minutes in order to improve our general fitness and concentration. Our school policy is that earrings should be removed for PE lessons for health and safety reasons and tape cannot be put over new piercings.  If your child cannot remove their own earrings then this should be done before school to avoid the office needing to phone home.  Please ensure your child has a named PE kit and suitable plimsoles or trainers to be left in their locker for the term.