Class 4 – Notre Dame
Below is an overview of our Term 6 learning. If there is anything you would like to discuss or any questions you have then please feel free to speak to me.
In Class 4 this term we will be learning about persuasive letters. We will be learning about a variety of letters and story-telling them to help us understand and develop our knowledge of the genre. We will be writing our persuasive letter to the local government about the air pollution in Aycliffe.
Alongside this, the children will develop their knowledge of difference between facts and opinions and the use of rhetorical questions. We will continue investigating powerful language and how we can use it in our persuasive letter. We will aim to improve the accuracy of our writing this term, with a further focus on editing our work.
The children will continue to learn about measurement. We will be exploring size, weight, capacity and distance to compare quantities and objects and to solve problems. We will then move onto develop our knowledge of fractions. We will learn to count up and down in tenths, add and subtract fractions with the same denominator and comparing and ordering fractions. We will then use our knowledge to solve one and two step problems.
Every mathematics lesson will begin with starters which will allow the children to actively participate in practising of their mental calculations and extending their knowledge of times tables. Each week the children have an opportunity to earn a ‘Table Bug’ – the children receive one when a set of tables have been successfully learnt.
This term, Notre Dame Class will be learning about plants. Children will be learning to identify and describe the functions of different parts of plants; roots, stem, leaves and flowers. They will be exploring what plants need to survive and grow and investigating how water is transported within plants.
Our theme this term is "Dover before 1900”. This a geography and history based unit. We will be developing our skills in researching and finding answers to questions. We will also be exploring how Dover Castle was used to help defend our country when Britain was invaded.
This term the children will be learning about Christianity. We will be exploring what it means to live a Christian life and the values that Christians hold.
PE, this term, will be focusing on athletics. PE will take place on a Thursday afternoon and I would be grateful if you would ensure that children have their kit in school every day. This term children will be provided with the opportunity to acquire, develop and refine skills. 
Homework will be set every Friday, I would appreciate the homework to be completed and returned to school on Monday. The homework will consist of spellings, Mathematics and English. The spellings are a selection of words the children have been practicing all week and there is a small section for a spelling test. The Mathematics and English will be targeted at giving pupils a chance to practice what they have learnt in class or introducing them to an upcoming topic.