Welcome to Term 4!  Below is an overview of the curriculum content and learning we will be focussing on throughout this term; I hope you find this useful.


In Mathematics, children will begin the term by learning about weight and capacity. Having completed this unit, pupils will return to addition with the further challenge of bridging through 10. Children will also explore doubling and halving using resources, such as Numicon, to support their learning. These skills will be applied in everyday contexts. The children will be taking part in daily counting practise, including, counting in two’s, tens and fives from zero and developing the children’s ability to say which number is one more/less than any given number. The children will be encouraged to connect with the classroom environment to expand their mathematical knowledge and vocabulary.


In English, we will be focusing on the story of The Day the Crayons Quit. This shall include identifying key characters and exploring a range of aspects within the text. The children will explore the text before writing a range of pieces for different purposes based around this text. The pupils will write postcards, letters, book reviews and create posters with the overarching aim of writing to persuade. In addition, we will be further developing the children’s understanding of word classes, including, adjectives, nouns and verbs. The children will take part in twice daily phonics sessions, where we will be further reinforcing the children’s existing knowledge, whilst learning a range of new sounds and spelling patterns to develop their reading and writing in Year 1.  The children will be encouraged to connect with the classroom environment to develop their literacy language skills and to connect with key spellings.


The children will take part in group reading sessions, where the children will be exposed to a range of new texts which they will practise and learn over a period of three days.  Children will be encouraged to look at spelling patterns within these texts and identify and apply their growing knowledge of tricky words.  Children will learn how to answer a range of questions about what they are reading by using the text and the pictures to support their answers. Science In Science, we will continue to learn about “Everyday Materials” through inquiry based investigations such as exploring magnets, fabrics and changing materials and exploring which return to their original form. Theme Our theme this term is ‘’What can we make with Oliver’s Vegetables?’  As part of these sessions pupils will be designing their own Mr or Mrs Potato Head, as well as identifying the materials needed to make their design. Having completed their designs, children will make and evaluate. Through pupil voice, pupils identified a range of meals which they would like to make using the vegetables from the text Oliver’s Vegetables. These meals included: coleslaw, soup and salads.


In PE this term we will be focusing on Cricket and Hockey Skills including dribbling, passing, shooting, defending and attacking in Hockey and catching, throwing and batting in Cricket.  Please ensure your child has a named PE kit and suitable plimsolls or trainers. It is essential that full PE kit is kept in school at all times as we are also likely to be taking part in the ‘Golden Mile’, where the children (and some teachers) will jog/run for 5 minutes daily in order to improve our general fitness and concentration. Please remember that earrings should be removed for PE lessons for health and safety reasons; if your child cannot remove their own earrings then this should be done before school to avoid the office needing to phone home.

Home learning

The children will receive English and Maths home learning every Friday.  This home learning will provide your child with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge from their lessons or to prepare them for upcoming learning. Please could their home learning be returned on Monday morning to enable us to reflect on their learning.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you over the year.  Should you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to come and see me after school and I will be happy to help.