We hope that you had a restful Christmas break.
Here is a brief outline of what your child will be learning about this term:
In Mathematics, we will begin by looking at addition and subtraction to 20.  We will be focusing on quick recall of number bonds to 10, with extension to 20. We will also be looking at missing numbers in a number sentence and strategies to find the missing number, using Numicon to check our answers. We will continue focusing on reasoning, which requires the children to explain how they know or found an answer using mathematical concepts they have been learning and problem solving, which will show their understanding of a concept in real terms.

In English, we will be looking at instructions and how we can use imperative or ‘bossy’ verbs to make our instructions clearer. We will have an opportunity to write a set of instructions for making jam sandwiches, and then have an opportunity to make the sandwiches. Our focus will then return to Traditional Tales, which we did some work on last term, but this time we will be learning in greater depth.  We are starting with the story of The Gingerbread Man and will be linking this with our understanding of sequencing a series of events, as well as use of patterned language and characterisation. In our phonics lessons we will look at ‘split digraphs’ which will help us to decode new words when reading. Your child will read in a group every day with an adult and our aim is to listen to your child read their home reading book once a week.  Our group sessions involve reading new texts and then practising these over three days and answering different types of questions about the book.
In Science, we will begin by looking at “Everyday Materials” where the children will be learning about what materials objects are made from, where materials come from and how they can be used.  We will be focusing on classifying different materials and investigating which materials are the best for different purposes.
Our theme is called “Who was Florence Nightingale?” and will focus on finding out more about the life and work of a famous person from the past. We will be comparing events then and now to show how people can make a difference to others by their actions.
Our PE lessons will take place on Friday mornings and this term’s focus will be on movement and drama as well as continuing to develop basic physical development skills. It is essential that full PE kit is kept in school at all times as we are also likely to be taking part in the ‘Golden Mile’, where the children (and some teachers) will jog/run for 5 minutes daily in order to improve our general fitness and concentration. Please remember that earrings should be removed for PE lessons for health and safety reasons; if your child cannot remove their own earrings then this should be done before school to avoid the office needing to phone home.
Home learning
Your children will receive home learning every Friday.  This will provide them with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge from current lessons or to prepare them for upcoming learning. Please could return this on Monday morning to enable us to share and reflect on their learning.
Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you this term.  Should you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to call in after school and I will be happy to help.
Mrs Price and Mrs Short