We both hope you had an enjoyable extended half term holiday. 

Here is a brief outline of what your child will be learning about this term.


We will be learning about time, using both analogue and digital clocks.  You could really help your children by asking them to tell you the time, looking at timetables together (bus timetables and television books are really good for this) and solving problems. 

Amongst the other aspects of Mathematics that we will be studying are subtraction, the eight points of the compass and fractions.

The children continue to practice their tables and several in the class have already earned their first ‘Table Bugs’.  If you do not know about the Bugs, then please ask your child about them.


We will begin the term by looking at explanation texts.  The children will be looking at the features of the genre, creating a “cracking contraption” in the style of Wallace and Grommit, and writing an explanation about this contraption. We will continue developing the children’s knowledge of spelling, punctuation and grammar within the English sessions and some dedicated sessions throughout the weeks. The children will read in a group weekly and we aim to listen to all children read at least once a week so if they could bring their reading books to school every day, we can ensure that this runs smoothly.  The children are encouraged to change their books whenever they need to.


We will be learning about “Sound.” We will be looking at how sounds are made, different types of sound and how we hear them.  We will be planning and carrying out investigations based around sound and hearing.


Our theme this term is Anglo-Saxon Britain.  We will be looking at where the Anglo-Saxons came from, when they lived in Britain and how people lived in Anglo-Saxon times.  We are lucky to have access to some Anglo-Saxon artefacts that have been found in Kent, so will be exploring some real life Anglo-Saxon objects.


Le Hockey join up with Mr Hoffmann’s class (Le Tennis) on Monday afternoons for PE and this term we will be focusing on Movement, Balance and Gymnastics.  It is really important that full PE kit is kept in school at all times as we are also likely to be taking part in the ‘Golden Mile’, where the children (and some teachers) will jog/run for 5 minutes each day in order to improve our general fitness and concentration. Our school policy is that earrings should be removed for PE lessons for health and safety reasons and tape cannot be put over new piercings.  If your child cannot remove their own earrings then this should be done before school to avoid the office needing to phone home.  Please ensure your child has a named PE kit and suitable plimsoles or trainers to be left in their locker for the term.


The class has started the term by learning about Remembrance Day and why we use poppies as a symbol.  So far it has generated a lot of interest amongst the children about members of their own family who served in the armed forces and it provides a great chance to share stories about real people.  We will then be moving onto Christianity as we approach Christmas.


We shall continue to learn new notes for the ukulele and improve our technique.


Le Hockey will be learning French words for rooms in their houses, as well as revising our counting skills, colours and greetings.

As you are probably aware, the morning routine is very busy so we may not always be available at this time to talk to you but we are happy to meet at the end of the day, after we have dismissed the children, to answer any questions.