Welcome to Term 5!  

Over the next two terms, our theme is “In the Garden” where we will begin by exploring plants, healthy eating and where food comes from and move on to animals and where they live.  


Physical Development

PE will continue to take place every Thursday; please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school and all items are labelled including plimsolls.  This term we will be continuing to develop your child’s gross and fine motor control.  Our PE main focus this term will be ‘team games’ which will focus on a version of rounders and other similar sports. With this, we will be developing your child’s ability to throw and catch and work as a team to score points.  We will be developing turn taking and also thinking about competition, winning and losing. 

In addition to our Thursday PE session, we are fortunate this term to have sessions with a dance teacher on a Friday afternoon.  Children will need to have earrings removed for this also and have their PE kits in school. We continue to have a ‘Funky Fingers’ area in our classroom where your child can develop their finger strength to help them hold a pencil effectively and improve their mark making.  

How you can help:

It would be really helpful if you could allow your children to be independent when dressing themselves for example, turning clothes the correct way around and putting shoes on the correct feet.  

Personal, Social and Emotional 

This term we will continue focusing on being kind and working together to achieve our learning.  We will have daily circle times to discuss our feelings and also talking about children’s rights and how they are important.  We try to create an environment where the children feel safe to take risks in their learning and that we can achieve anything if we try – we talk a lot about persevering!

We will also be reflecting more on our learning and thinking about why we have or have not been successful and how to make improvements to our learning in future.

How you can help:

Providing your child with lots of opportunities to explain their thoughts and ideas will help build your child’s confidence and develop their social skills.

Communication and Language

We will be continuing to develop your child’s vocabulary and understanding of language.  We continue to look for children’s language use at home and below is a list of words to listen out for – remember, the children can receive a reward for using this language at home ten times.  Just pop a note in their reading books or home learning books and we can put a sticker on their chart.

We will also be developing your child’s ability to use a range of tenses confidently when speaking about past, present and future events.

How you can help:

Encourage the children to use the language below and possibly provide opportunities for them to use it.

New Language: garden, plant, grow, healthy, unhealthy, live, wilt, taller, shorter, more, less, fewer, gardener, food, soil, care. 


This term we will be having a focus on shape, space and measure, particularly measure.  We will be looking at length and height when discussing how tall our plants grow and looking at weight and capacity for how much soil or water we need.  We will continue to have daily number sessions where your child will practise their addition and subtraction skills and these opportunities are always available in the environment.

How you can help:

Encourage your child to use language like taller, shorter, longer, more, less, heavier, lighter, full, empty.  If children can help with cooking, pouring drinks etc at home, this would help.  

Expressive Art and Design

To promote imaginative play, we have a variety of role-play areas within our learning environment.  Inside the classroom, we have the police station where children can pretend to be the police to help solve crimes in the classroom.  Outside, we have a garden centre where children will be able to use money to “buy” items and learn about gardening.  This is linked with a café where children will also be able to “cook” and use language skills.  We have an arts and crafts station and junk modelling where children are always encouraged to create their own models and artwork and a construction zone both inside and outside where the children can be creative also.

How you can help:

Encourage your child to have their own ideas, explore different materials, make up their own songs as well as sing some of your favourite songs and rhymes.  

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

We will be working on plants and growth this term and understanding what plants need to survive.  This will also link with healthy eating and where our food comes from.  Children will be planting both vegetables and flowers and they are keen to take charge of one of the large planters in the big playground where we can encourage wildlife to come to the flowers.

Children will be encouraged to engage with technology, through the use of talking tins in the environment and the use of the class CD player in our reading corner.  Children also have access to our class computers, where they can develop their skills in using a mouse.

How you can help:

Give your child opportunities to try fruits and vegetables at home and discuss where they come from. Do they grow on a tree, bush, underground?  


This term we will be working with the book “Fairy Letters” where the children will be receiving letters from a fairy to encourage their learning.  The children will have opportunities to write letters to the fairy and create things for her also.  We will be spending lots of our time in the woodland area, where the fairy door is located, and be using our writing and reading skills to communicate with her. Children will continue to learn how to connect with phonics to help read and write words with increasing independence through our daily phonics, writing and reading sessions.   

How you can help:

Please continue to allow your child plenty of opportunities to read their home reading books and make a note of your observations in their reading log book.   Allow your child opportunities to perfect their cursive writing, especially with their homework – if you have any questions about how to support with cursive writing, don’t hesitate to ask.  


• Please ensure you have spare change of clothes in your child’s bag just in case an accident happens.  

• Please could you ensure your child’s home learning folders are returned on Mondays and that reading books are brought into school every day.  

• The children will have access to the outside area during their Child Initiated time all year round, please ensure your child has a waterproof coat, jumper and if possible wellies at school, even if it is sunny, as we know the British weather is very changeable.  We will be spending a lot of time in our forest area so I would not want your child to be disappointed if they did not have a coat.  

• Please could you make sure all your child’s school uniform is clearly named, including shoes and PE kits. We’ve had some unnamed jumpers that we are having to spent valuable time working out who they belong to.  

• We have Golden Time every Friday afternoon for 30 minutes as a reward for good behaviour.  Class 1 are able to bring in a toy from home that they are allowed to play with in this time, however no toy guns are allowed. The children have a new routine where they will be able to go to Golden Time clubs also, and the children are very excited to try this.  

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you this term.  Should you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to come and see me after school and I will be happy to help.  

Mrs English and Miss Sedgwick