Class 4


In Class 4 this term we will initially be looking at Aesop’s fables. We will explore the characters in the stories and the moral for each story. We will also be telling fables to our learning partners and will then write a fable of our own, with its own moral. Later in the term, we will be looking at plays and poetry and how to set these out.    Alongside this, we will be looking to improve our use of vocabulary and knowledge of sentence structures. We will continue to develop our use of connectives and punctuation, including commas and speech marks. We will aim to improve the accuracy of our writing this term, with a further focus on proof-reading our work for errors. . Mathematics In maths, we will be looking to improve our work with multiplication and division. This includes the concept and methods for multiplication and division. We will be applying this to reasoning and problem-solving activities. . We will continue to explore different mental maths skills, relating to multiplication and division. Later in the term, we will be exploring data and measures. We will be estimating and measuring, as well as reading and interpreting graphs


The focus for this term is ‘Magnets.’ The children will learn about things that are attracted to magnets and things that are not. We will then explore other forces briefly, like gravity and friction.


Our theme this term is ‘Anglo- Saxon Britain.’ This is a history topic will look at the daily life of the Anglo-Saxons; where the Anglo-Saxons came from; what they ate and wore and how they influenced our modern lives. As part of this topic, we will have an archaeologist in school, who will provide the children with the opportunity to handle genuine Anglo- Saxon artefacts. 


We will be studying aspects of Christianity this term, with a focus on miracles and how Christians believe that Jesus helped people to change for the better. We will also focus on the Christmas story later in the term.


PE, this term, will be ball skills and football. PE will take place on a Thursday afternoon but I would be grateful if you would ensure that children have their kit in school every day. This term children will be provided with the opportunity to acquire, develop and refine skills. As I am sure you are aware, PE kits need to be labelled, long hair tied back and all earrings removed for PE sessions. 


In computing, we will be looking at e-safety and will be improving the speed of our typing and word processing. We will explore how to stay safe online and will learn about reporting any online problems.