A Happy New Year to everyone from Mrs English and Mrs Harrington. It has been great to welcome back the children, happy and healthy after their Christmas break and it is pleasing to see how quickly they have settled back into their school work. Following the recent changes, we are now known as Class Five and have the French name of ‘La Musculation’, which Mrs English assures me means ‘Body Building’!  We are fortunate to have both Miss Hayward and Mr Richards working with us in class this term.


Mathematics has started off the term with Roman numerals, which the children have found enjoyable, if not a little confusing at times.  Following this, we will be learning about fractions and decimals, 2D and 3D shape and using division in problem solving.  All children continue to need to practise their times tables at home and for those who know up to their twelve times tables, it would be useful for them to practise multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.


We will begin the term by looking at persuasion texts.  The children will be looking at the features of the genre, taking part in debates on different issues and eventually writing a persuasive argument in favour or against one of these issues. We will continue developing the children’s knowledge of spelling, punctuation and grammar within the English sessions and some dedicated sessions throughout the weeks. The children will be each taking part in three guided reading sessions per week with different adults in the class to develop their skills in fluency, comprehension and understanding of texts.


We will be learning about “States of Matter.” We will be looking at the differences between solids, liquids and gases and investigating how these states may change under different circumstances.


Our theme this term is Design Technology and the children will be taking part in a challenge using a renewable energy source:  the wind.  They will be designing and making a lift which is powered by a wind turbine.  If you have any spare drinking water bottles and cereal packets we could really use them.


This term our PE sessions will take place on Thursday afternoons as the children will have the opportunity to work with our visiting dance teacher.  Who knows, we may well find some new competitors for Strictly Come Dancing! It is really important that full PE kit is kept in school at all times as we are also likely to be taking part in the ‘Golden Mile’, where the children (and some teachers) will jog/run for 5 minutes each day in order to improve our general fitness and concentration. Our school policy is that earrings should be removed for PE lessons for health and safety reasons and tape cannot be put over new piercings.  If your child cannot remove their own earrings then this should be done before school to avoid the office needing to phone home.  Please ensure your child has a named PE kit and suitable plimsoles or trainers to be left in their locker for the term.

Tuesday Afternoons – RE, French and Music RE covers Christianity and the class will be using PHSE sessions to explore feelings and emotions.

Music will continue to be playing the ukulele and hopefully we can increase the number of notes that we can play and learn a few more tunes.

In French we will learn all the numbers to 50, this should certainly make Bingo a lot more exciting!  We will also be learning the names for rooms in our homes and vocabulary about school.

Home reading and learning

We are very grateful for all the hard work you put in at home with supporting your children’s learning.  Now that the children are in Year 4 and Year 5, we are keen for them to take responsibility for changing their own home reading books when they come into school.  These books are for the children to practice at home and because they will be heard three times in their guided sessions, it will not always be possible to listen to them read their home books.  Please be assured that your children read in school regularly with many different texts. We have a learning tree in our annex classroom to celebrate any home learning that the children do.  If your child has done some extra learning at home and wish to show us, we will be happy to share this in class.  We will be sending some printed leaves home with the children so that we can fill our empty tree with the children’s additional learning.