In Class 5 we will be looking at report writing and non- fiction books. We will be exploring the layout and structure of these texts and will be improving the organisation of our own work by developing our use of paragraphs.

We will also explore how to navigate non-fiction books in order to find relevant information. Later in the term we will be exploring stories from another culture and the children will use the stories that they have read from around the world, to write a story of their own in the style of one of these stories. Alongside this, we will be looking to improve our use of vocabulary and knowledge of sentence structures, including looking at tenses and word classes, such as nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives.  We will also focus on a few aspects of sentence punctuation.



We will be looking to improve our knowledge and application of the multiplication tables. We will also develop our formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will develop our knowledge of place value and will be reading and writing large numbers. Our number work will also be linked to problem-solving and real –life situations.


The focus for this term is ‘Earth and Beyond’. The children will learn more about the Earth and how it spins on its own axis to give us day and night and how its orbit around the Sun gives us our seasons.  We will also find out more about the other planets in our Solar System and what conditions are like on these planets. We will even discover more about our moon and how we get the different phases of the moon.


Our theme this term is learning about the Wider World. We will be exploring the globe and the oceans and continents that make it up. We will also focus on a few countries from around the world and look at their beliefs, culture and customs. We will explore capital cities, mountain ranges and also complete map and atlas work.


This term the children will be learning about Judaism and will find out more about Jewish customs and traditions. This also includes learning about birth, marriage, death rituals and Bar and Bat Mitzvah.


PE, this term will be Invasion Games, including football and hockey. PE will take place on a Wednesday afternoon. Occasionally, PE may have to be on a different day, so I should therefore be grateful if you would ensure that children have their kit in school every day. This term children will be provided with the opportunity to acquire, develop and refine skills taught alongside an external coach. As I am sure you are aware, PE kits need to be labelled, long hair tied back and all earrings removed for PE sessions.  Swimming will also take place during this first term, in addition to the normal PE slots. Swimming will be on a Wednesday or a Thursday afternoon each week. More information about which of these afternoons your child will swim on will follow shortly.