Year 5- Jaune


In Class 6 we will be looking at fantasy stories. We will be exploring examples and writing our own.  Later in the term, we will be examining the work of Shakespeare and will look at the play Macbeth. Alongside this, we will be looking to improve our use of vocabulary and knowledge of sentence structures, including looking at tenses and word classes, such as nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives.  We will also focus on a few aspects of sentence punctuation, such as semi-colons, colons and brackets.


We will be looking to develop our knowledge of shape and position this term. This includes describing 2D shapes and classifying them. It also includes work with coordinates and rotation. Later in the term, we will be looking at measures and converting measures, including Kg to g and cm to m etc. We will also cover area and perimeter during this term.


The focus for this term is ‘Forces.’ This topic covers gravity, friction, air resistance and upthrust. We will be looking at how to measure forces and at how forces are in operation all around us. This unit of work will give the children plenty of opportunities to develop their investigative skills, particularly their recording and planning skills.


Our theme this term is ‘Human Dover.’ We will be exploring the people and places that make Dover a special place to live. We will look at the role of the Castle and Dover Port and how they impact life in Dover today.  


This term the children will be learning about Christianity, with a focus on Christian traditions and symbolism and also Christian values.   


PE, this term will be athletics and will include preparation for Sports Day. PE will take place on a Wednesday afternoon. Occasionally, PE may have to be on a different day, so I should therefore be grateful if you would ensure that children have their kit in school every day. This term children will be provided with the opportunity to acquire, develop and refine skills taught alongside a sports coach. As I am sure you are aware, PE kits need to be labelled, long hair tied back and all earrings removed for PE sessions.