I am pleased to announce that the year 6 play this term will be ‘Pantastic’.

Children will respond in a variety of ways to both the film and the musical, Peter Pan, including artwork and dance. They will work predominantly on developing skills in speaking and performing.

Here are the over-arching learning outcomes:

• I can sustain a role throughout a performance

• I can give a coherent interpretation of a role

• I can communicate with an audience using voice, gesture, movement, timing and space further details will be sent once the term begins.

Foundation Subjects

As I am sure you are aware, prior to the SATs examinations, the class spent time focusing on examination techniques and the appropriate reading and mathematical skills. Therefore, this term pupils will spend time focusing on other national curriculum subjects.

These subjects and the appropriate foci include:

• Art- pupils will primarily complete a project entitled “The Great Artists”, which will involve producing work based upon seminal artists including Mondrian, Kandinsky, Harring and Warhol.

• Science- pupils will complete their learning regarding “Living Things and their Habitats.” This will primary relate to classification systems and endangered species.

• Theme- Pupils will complete learning relating to Human Dover. This will include focusing upon the history of Dover and the alterations in Dover’s populace over time. Furthermore, pupils will develop their skills in using ordnance survey maps.

• Religious Education- pupils will continue to focus upon Sikhism. This will entail studying seminal Sikh festivals and explaining the significance of the 5Ks.

Physical Education

PE will take place each week this term on Wednesday. The focus of term six will be athletics, in preparation for Sports Day. As I am sure you are aware, it is really important that PE kits are in school for that day each week and are clearly labelled. We will continue to challenge ourselves to undertake the ‘Golden Mile’ which entails running 60 metres every day. The children will therefore need trainers in their lockers each day. Long hair must be tied back and all earrings removed for safety during PE sessions.  Thank you!


Dear children in Chateau de Versailles, rather than our usual homework timetable, this term you have the exciting opportunity to write a project on a topic that really interests you. The project should be worked on at home and be completed and brought into school by the 10th July so that we can celebrate your hard work. You may complete the project in any way that you wish. For example, you might include a model, photographs, drawings, paintings, collage and written work.  There will be a prize awarded for first place and everyone will receive a small token for their participation. I look forward to celebrating your projects and sharing them with the school towards the end of the term!!

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Spurgeon