Class 4 – Bourgogne
In Class 4 we will start by studying Non-Chronological reports. We will link this to our theme work on Brazil and will write Non-Chronological reports about Brazil. This report will look at the Amazon Rainforest, Food and Drink and Tourist Attractions in Brazil.
Later in the term, we will be writing Newspaper reports about endangered animals. This piece of writing will link to our science work on living things and their habitats.
Finally, we will finish the term by writing a narrative piece based around our class novel- ‘’The BFG” by Roald Dahl.  
Alongside this, we will be improving our use of vocabulary and knowledge of sentence structures, punctuation and grammar.  
We will start the term by learning about Place value. This will include, rounding and comparing numbers as well as looking at Roman numerals.
Later in the term, we will develop our knowledge and application of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
 The focus for this term is ‘Living things and their habitats’. During this topic we will learn how to classify animals, what defines living things and what vertebrates and invertebrates are. We will also be researching how environments can change and pose a threat to the animals that live there.
Our theme this term is Brazil. This topic will include map and atlas work; exploring the physical features of Brazil, such as the Amazon river and the rainforest; looking at the major towns and cities of Brazil and finding out more about carnivals, a Brazilian tradition. There will also be time for some rainforest inspired art and music.  
This term the children will be learning about Judaism. We will explore Jewish festivals, symbols and beliefs as part of this unit of work.
PE, this term will be games, with a focus on tennis and badminton. PE will take place on a Monday afternoon. Occasionally, PE may have to be on a different day, so I should therefore be grateful if you would ensure that children have their kit in school every day. This term children will be provided with the opportunity to acquire, develop and refine skills taught alongside an external coach. As I am sure you are aware, PE kits need to be labelled, long hair tied back and all earrings removed for PE sessions. 
Swimming is also taking place this term. Children will need to bring their swimming kits each week on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.
Homework will be set every Friday. I would appreciate it if the homework could be completed and returned to school on Monday. It will consist of Mathematics and English. The Mathematics and English will be targeted at giving pupils a chance to practice what they have learnt in class or introducing them to a forthcoming topic.
Children are also to practice their times tables as much as possible in preparation for the multiplication check at the end of the year.