Welcome to Term 2 at Aycliffe Community Primary School! 
Our theme this term is ‘People who help us’ and we will be linking most of our learning to this topic.  Within this topic, we will be learning about different occupations, including emergency services and how these jobs help us in our everyday lives.  We will also be looking at how these jobs are similar or different.  Towards the end of term, we will also link our learning to Christmas, including our Nativity performance.
Physical Development
PE will continue to take place on Tuesdays and we will be focusing on changing from our school uniforms and back again with increasing independence.  Once changed, we will be playing some games to improve spatial awareness and team work.  In class, we continue to have areas to improve both gross and fine motor skills, including our “funky fingers” area and we also have routines to promote good hygiene and healthy eating at snack time and lunch time.
How you can help:
Please encourage your children to dress themselves independently.  This includes making sure their clothes are not inside out, they are the right way around and that they can put on their own socks and tights.
Personal, Social and Emotional
This term we will be focusing on turn taking and waiting with increasing patience.  We will be learning about good sharing and being kind.  This will include starting to share in the school’s “We are valued” award where children can explain why a member of their class is valued.  We have daily circle time activities where the children can discuss their feelings and what has made them feel this way.
How you can help:
Encourage your children to explain how they are feeling when something happens to them.  Ask questions like “Why do you feel…?” 
Communication and Language
We will continue to develop your child’s ability to listen carefully.  We will be encouraging the children to look at who is speaking to them and ask thoughtful questions in response to what they say.  We will play games to encourage listening and also teaching the children about how to ask questions.  We will be continuing to have daily “talk time” so that children can discuss their learning and improve their confidence with talking in small groups and whole class situations.
How you can help:
Please help your children to use some of our new language at home:
help, assist, rescue, occupation, job, emergency, recycle, environment, litter.
This term we will be beginning to look at calculations involving adding.  We will be looking at the symbol “+” and using Numicon to add two numbers together.  The children will continue to practise counting and forming their numbers to record their calculations.  We will be looking at finding one more/less than a given number and showing this using practical resources. 
How you can help:
Practise recognising and writing numbers at home.  When they see numbers out and about, can they say what they are? 
Expressive Art and Design
To promote imaginative play, we have two role-play areas within our learning environment.  Inside the classroom we have a ‘home corner’ and outside we have a ‘fire station.’ These will provide your child with opportunities to make links between learning and home life.  We also have a mud kitchen and digging area outside where children can use their imaginations to make mud creations.  We have lots of small world and construction materials where the children can design, build and play. We will continue with our daily singing sessions and learning new songs, and we will also be learning the songs and dances for our Nativity performance.
How you can help:
Encourage your child to design, draw and make things using their imaginations. 
Knowledge and Understanding of the World
We will be learning about different occupations that help us in our every day lives.  The children will be encouraged to think about what people in these roles do to help us and what they use to help them with their jobs.  We will be thinking about what we do in emergencies and how they can help.  We will be continuing with our weekly woodland visits where the children will explore the natural environment and also investigate different aspects of nature.  We will also have opportunities to investigate in class with different materials and finding out what happens if we change something. Children will be encouraged to engage with technology through the use of our class computers and the use of the class CD player.
How you can help:
Talk to your children about any job you have or have had in the past.  How did this job help other people?  Which jobs do we think are important for helping other people?  Ask questions, such as; what if? Why do you think? How did you?
This term we will be exploring a variety of fiction and non-fiction books based on people who help us.  We will be focusing a lot on a story about Charlie the Firefighter and exploring how anyone can aspire to be anything.  During our daily phonics sessions, we will be learning the sounds that letters make and learning to identify the first sound in words.  In our writing area, children can practise writing their name using cursive letter formations. To support your child’s development in forming letter shapes, we will also be practising a range of handwriting patterns.
How you can help: Please provide your child with lots of opportunities to practise writing their name using cursive letter formations.  We have provided each child with a name card in their home learning folder to help.  All cursive letters begin on the line and move upwards – please see the handwriting sheet for more guidance.
• Please ensure you have spare change of clothes in your child’s bag just in case an accident happens.
• The children will have access to the outside area during their Child Initiated time all year round, please ensure your child has a waterproof coat, wellies and jumper at school as we come into the rainy, cold months.
• Please could you make sure all your child’s school uniform and PE kit is clearly named, including shoes.
• We have Golden Time every Friday afternoon for 30 minutes as a reward for good behaviour.  Class 1 are able to bring in a toy from home that they are allowed to play with in this time, however no toy guns are allowed.
• Please could reading books be returned to school to ensure your child can share this with a member of staff when needed.
• We will be having a PE lesson on Tuesday mornings so please ensure that your child’s PE kit is in school and that earrings are removed.
Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you over the year.  Should you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to come and see me after school and I will be happy to help.