The class structure for September 2018 will be:

 La Tour Eiffel - Reception – Mrs English

 Le Louvre - Year 1 – Miss Gollop

 Mont Blanc - Year 2 - Mr Price

 Notre Dame - Year 3 – Miss Sandham

 Arc de Triomphe - Year 4/5 – Mrs Coade

 Chateau de Versailles - Year 5/6 – Mr Spurgeon

Pupils will be meeting their new teachers tomorrow.

Miss Sandham has now completed her teacher training here at Aycliffe Community Primary School and we are looking forward to working with her. Miss Sandham will be in school tomorrow to meet her class.

If anyone is concerned about their child’s transition into the next class please make an appointment to speak to our SENCO, Mrs Cook, through the school office.  

Thank you for your continued support.