Aycliffe Eastry Partnership

The AycliffeEastryPartnership brings together Aycliffe Community Primary School and Eastry Church of England Primary School to work collaboratively in the areas of achievement, teaching, behaviour and leadership. The AycliffeEastryPartnership strengthens the ties which already existed between the schools with the firm commitment to collectively ensure the best possible outcome for all pupils through working in partnership.

Each year the two schools formulate a development plan to ensure the objectives above are worked towards. The two  headteachers meet on a regular basis to review the progress of the plan. The two Headteachers and the Chairs of Governors meet three times a year to ensure the two governing bodies are fully informed.

In 2015/2016 both schools explored ‘Visible Learning’ (John Hattie) with joint training sessions and coaching sessions in order to continually raise achievement.

Samphire Learning Hub

Our school is also a member of the Samphire Learning Hub, a collaboration of 9 schools in the Dover area.

The Samphire Learning Hub works under a collaboration agreement to support eachschool in raising standards. Currently Aycliffe Community Primary School works closely with River Primary School, an outstanding school and Capel-Le-Ferne Primary School providing each other with an external view of our progress. 

Developments within the Samphire Learning Hub are actioned within the Samphire Learning Hub Plan. In 2014/15 and 2015/16 the Hub was chaired by our headteacher and plans focused on providing continuing professional development opportunities, which our school accesssed. In 2016/17 the plan is focused on building capacity within leadership teams and developing our Newly Qualified Teachers.

Developments within the Samphire Learning Hub are a standing item on Aycliffe Communitiy Primary School's governors meetings.